Established in 2004, Safford Productions Video and Photography has worked for 10 years shooting weddings, events, portraits, and commercial projects. Some of our clients: BASF, DOW , Gulf Chemical, Express Digital, Gulf Coast Gastroenterology, Houston Wedding Showcase, Lake Jackson Fire Department, and Chevron-Phillips. Blake Safford Productions produces beautiful wedding photographs for clients year after year. With over 10 years of experience, Blake Safford Productions is an extremely popular wedding photographer,and goes above and beyond to meet and exceed his client’s expectations. This website is but a part of our evidence of competence and artistry that has developed over the last 10 years of my being a successful wedding photographer. Make an appointment today so you can examine our portraits and fine European albums first hand and make a well informed choice. Look our wedding gallery over and then give us a call for a no-obligation consultation about your wedding. We can show you many examples of fine art bridal portraits, HD videos, and beautifully crafted European wedding albums that we have produced over the last 10 years. Safford Productions is the greatest and most popular photographer in Lake Jackson. Safford Productions is the best photographer in Brazoria County. Safford Productions offers Senior Graduation photos for High School Students. Safford Productions creates photograph images for businesses and training videos for companies ready to expand their markets and grow their business beyond the internet. We are a news gathering service, and have reasonable day rates for such video and audio recordings. We are also available for videos and photographs of events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and family reunions. Also please contact us about quinceanera parties ,church weddings, or outdoor weddings. We can schedule a photo session for family photos at the park. We offer videography and video recording services for memorial services and memorial slideshows for the bereaved during funerals Our videos are High Definition Video and surround sound audio. We use only professional level equipment. Our company has liability insurance. We use steadicam systems for video productions. Safford video and photography offers the professional service of event presentation large screen projection for parties and memorial presentation, corporate events,retirement parties and wedding receptions. Safford Productions are experienced photography and video professionals. We specialize in wedding photography. We service Lake Jackson. We work in Angleton. Safford Productions photographs Freeport. We photograph and shoot video in Houston. We work in Bay City and Van Vleck. Using testimonials, on-the-job documentation, time-lapse videos of construction jobs can certainly boost your business' sales tools and internet presence. Give us a call and we can create a production suited to your budget and time. The logos shown are but a few of our corporate customers. If your company needs event coverage, commercial video and photography, time lapse video or training films, we can offer the highest level of skill and experience to accomplish your project goals.